Who is a good candidate for membership?

Any dog enthusiast who subscribes to using only positive dog training methods and who is looking to enhance their relationship with their dog via a new or additional outlet for training and interacting with their pet outside of the traditional obedience and/or other canine sports arenas.

Fay Taylor and her dog enjoy freestyleWhat training/previous competition requirements are required for membership?

Some competency in basic obedience skills for companion dogs. Although we have members who have all levels of experience and titles from other canine competitive sports and who continue to compete in those areas as well, it is not necessary to have any previous competition experience.

I am not very musical or creative, and cannot dance will I be able to do freestyle?

Yes, so long as you have an open mind to learning and to trying new things and want to have fun with your training and with your dog. More than anything, Dogwork is about showcasing the joyful relationship you have with your dog and presenting your dog to its best advantage.

What are the benefits of Federation membership?

  • An opportunity to participate in a unique style of canine freestyle and competition, with its own trademarked training methodology called CanineFreestyle DogWork®, which is unlike that offered by any other canine freestyle training/performance group anywhere else.
  • The fellowship of a strong, sharing, and talented freestyle training community
  • Guilds – regional groups of members offering classes and events
  • On-line mentoring program for those not located near a location where classes are held
  • On-Line Learning and Resource Center (subscription)
  • An on-line quarterly Newsletter  Paws to Dance
  • Titling events and championship competitions throughout the U.S with special awards and other forms of recognition and professional quality videos of these events
  • Well defined protocols and Federation level support for holding titling events including judges training program and yearly review sessions; music editing assistance; and statistical support.
  • Certified program for DogWork instructors for all training levels and opportunities to volunteer to teach classes and special workshops
  • Opportunities to participate in non-scored presentations and in demos outside of the competition arena to gain training and show experience outside of the classroom and to give back to the community

beagleDoes my dog have to be an AKC registered purebred to participate in Federation sponsored activities?

No, any dog purebred or mixed breed is eligible to participate so long as they are under the control of their handler at all times, and who can satisfy any requirements specified by the trainer or training facility.  Current Rabies Certificate is an example.

What are the eligibility requirements for membership?

Membership is open to all persons eighteen years of age and older and who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club or equivalent registry and who agree to subscribe to the principles of the Canine Freestyle Federation.

I still have questions about membership that are not answered here. Who can I talk to before I decide to join?

You can send an e-mail with your questions to and a member of our board will get back to you.

How much does it cost to join the Canine Freestyle Federation and how do I sign up for membership?

  • Annual Membership fee: $25.00 per calendar year
  • Lifetime membership fee: $200.00

Membership Plans  (to join and pay online) or

Download and print Membership Application form and instructions: CFF Membership Application to join by snail mail.