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The CFF Performance Learning Center is an online training web site about CFF Canine Freestyle.  You must be a member of CFF or APDT to subscribe to the Learning Center.

The CFF Performance Learning Center is presented in five sections – Definitions, Lessons, Videos, Articles and Resources.  Currently, the lessons include the information needed to create a Level I or II freestyle routine.  It is anticipated that additional lessons that cover Levels III and IV will be added in the future.

Currently, there are five lessons in the Performance Learning Center.

  • Introduction to Canine Freestyle – Reference Positions
  • Movement: The Medium for Technical Execution and Artistic Expression in Canine Freestyle
  • Movement Creates Design in Space
  • Movement Talks, Do You Know What You Are Saying?
  • Presentation Heelwork: Finding the Dog’s Rhythm, The Cornerstone of CFF Freestyle

Each lesson includes reading assignments, video to complement and enhance the lesson, definitions, key concepts, and content.  Also, the lesson is divided into a technical, artistic and creative portion.  The technical portion provides information on the technical skills and how to teach these skills.  The artistic and creative portions help the handler to make the technical movements their own and to show the dog to his or her best advantage. 

The Definitions chapter provides a list of terms and their definitions.  These terms are unique to CFF freestyle and are used throughout each of the lessons.  The Articles chapter includes articles in several categories including selecting music, freestyle concepts and definitions, technical skills, teaching freestyle, general, and diagrams.

The Videos chapter contains a series of videos illustrating concepts, training techniques, and examples of required elements and technical skills of CFF freestyle. As mentioned above, the videos are designed to complement and enhance each of the lessons. 

The Resources chapter provides information on services offered by CFF (i.e., music selection, music editing, forum, and presentation feedback), music and music editing resources, and books. 

The CFF Performance Learning Center is a valuable resource for those that train freestyle alone, are taking freestyle classes, or are class instructors. 

The CFF Performance Learning Center subscription price for CFF members is $35.00 for the calendar year of 2010.

APDT members may subscribe to the CFF Performance Learning Center if they subscribe between October 22 and December 31, 2009. The fee is $50.00 and allows access to the Center through December 31, 2010.

The training web site will be periodically updated and additional information will be added.   Therefore, future annual subscription fees will be based on the amount of information that is updated or added to the web site. The CFF board is reviewing the subscription price for future years.

If you are a member of CFF or APDT and would like to purchase a subscription to the Learning Center, click here to download the application form and agreement. Mail the agreement to the address listed in the application form. Include a check (payable to CFF, Inc) for the subscription fee. To pay by credit card use our online payment system. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. If you use our online payment system, you must still mail your application form to us. Upon receipt of the application and payment, a password and logon details will be sent to you. After you receive your password, click here to logon to the CFF Performance Learning Center.

If you are not a member of CFF, find out how you can become a member. If you any questions about the Performance Learning Center contact Carl Tennille





















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