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March 20, 2004
Rockville, VA
Hosted by the Sirius Guild

Level 1 Team

1st = Animal Protection Society Drill Team

Team Members:
101A Penny Lane, Airedale Terrier. Owner: Denise Johnson
101B Amiga, Golden Retriever. Owner: Mary and Walter Cason
101C Lucy, Irish Setter. Owner: Susan Spalt
101D Springforth Rubicon, Australian Shepherd. Owner: Sandra Payne Greene
101E Scully, Border Collie. Owner: Dana Lindsey-Danner
101F Moonstone's Selkie's Dance, Gordon Setter. Owner: Barbara Long
101G Big Sandy, Aussie Mix. Owner: Jenn Merritt
101H Casper, Labrador Mix. Owner: Beth Rosenberg
101I Elmo, PBGV. Owner: Sharon Schiro

Level 2

1st (NEW TITLE)=201 Ch Eastlake Shirly Rocks; Parson Russell Terrier
Owner: Elizabeth Claridge
2nd(tie)=202 Kel Simoon Felaou; Azawakh
Owner: Kristin Sicotte
2nd(tie)=210 Just A Bear; Keeshund Mix;
Owner: Keith Hightower
4th=205 Dutchess; Mixed Breed
Owner: Verna Allanson

Level 3

1st (NEW TITLE)=303 Elf Saddle Allspice; Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Owner: Bonnie and Henry Schick
2nd=301 Careveille Double Entendre UD; Doberman Pinscher
Owner: Sue Ann Lesser, DVM and Carole Hoeker
3rd=302 Connor Curran Cantwell; Golden Retriever
Owner: Maryanne Cantwell

Level 4

1st=404 Terrier Turf's Ebbie CDX CFFIV; Parson Russell Terrier
Owner: Kay Richards
2nd=403 (NEW TITLE) U-OCH OTCH Norwood's Steppin' Out UDX TD; Border Collie
Owner: Lisa Gross
3rd=401 V OTCH U-UD U-AGI Wildfire's Wrong Trousers UDX NA NAJ PT HRDI CH CFFIV; Border Collie
Owner: Betty Swenson
4th=402 Imp Print's Pollyanna CD CFFIV; Cairn Terrier
Owner: Ann Priddy


1st=V3 OTCH U-CDX Jamaica Hot Pursuit UDX TD CH CFFIV; Belgian Tervuren
Owner: Carol Maupin
2nd=V1 Diamond's Wind Dancer Tia CD; Shetland Sheepdog
Owner: Shari L. and Duane A. Bryant
3rd=V2 Summerfield's Apple of My Eye CD NDD TDIA; Bernese Mountain Dog
Owner: James and Margaret Barrett

CFF President’s Award for Highest Artistic Score In Show
404 Terrier Turf's Ebbie CDX CFFIV; Parson Russell Terrier
Owner: Kay Richards

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