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16283 Pouncey Tract Road ~ Rockville, VA

Placements and new titles earned at the March 16, 2002, CFF Freestyle show, held in Rockville, VA.

Congratulations to all!

This trial marked the first time that a new award was offered, THE PRESIDENT'S ARTISTIC CHALLENGE TROPHY For the Highest Artistic Score in Regular Classes - Single Dog Division The trophy is a Waterford Crystal “G” Clef on a cherry wood base, and is offered by Joan and Carl Tennille. The trophy will be offered at shows hosted by the CFF Sirius Guild.

For permanent possession it must be won three times by the same handler not necessarily with the same dog nor at consecutive shows. A suitable trophy, a lead crystal Champagne flute and a bottle of Champagne, offered by Joan and Carl Tennille, was awarded to commemorate the win. At this, its inaugural show the award ended with a tie. Highest Artistic Score went to OTCH UCDX Jamaica Hot Pursuit, UDX, TD, CFF IV, Belgian Tervuren. . Owner: Carol Maupin. AND SECOND PLACE - V, U-UD, U-AGI Wildfire's Wrong Trousers, UDX, NA, NAJ, PT, HRDI, Border Collie. Owner Betty Swenson Congratulations!

FIRST PLACE-.U-CD Amberly From A to Zoe, CDX. Standard Poodle (6/19/92). Owner: Arlene Spilker.

FIRST PLACE - Just In the Nick Of Time, CD, Keeshond. Owner: Emma Parsons / EARNED CFF II TITLE

SECOND PLACE -Outlaw’s Heart’s Second Chance, CGC. TDI. Australian Shepherd. (5/30/96). Owner: Pamela Hill. / EARNED CFF II TITLE

THIRD PLACE - Oak-Hill Blue Thunder, Shetland Sheepdog. Owner: Christine Callin. / EARNED CFF II TITLE

FOURTH PLACE - Busbee Harlequin's Curlicue. Cavalier. King Charles Spaniel. (5/1198) . Owner: Brenda Clymire

FIRST PLACE - Terrier Turf's Ebbie, CD, CDX, Jack Russell. (6/18/97) Owner: Kay Richards.


SECOND PLACE - Cadenza Candlelight, CD, CGC, Standard Poodle (5/12/95). Owner Marge Hetrick / EARNED CFFIII TITLE

THIRD PLACE - U-CD. Wildwind’s Keepin In Zip, CD, TDX, JH, Golden Retriever. (11/26/90). Owner: Judy Foudriat.

FIRST PLACE - OTCH UCDX Jamaica Hot Pursuit, UDX, TD, CFF VI, Belgian Tervuren. (1/27/93) Owner: Carol Maupin

SECOND PLACE - V, U-UD, U-AGI Wildfire's Wrong Trousers, UDX, NA, NAJ, PT, HRDI, Border Collie. (12/20/95) Owner Betty Swenson / EARNED CFF IV TITLE

THIRD PLACE - Bayview's Bayou Recipe, CD, OA, NJW,CFF-IV, Belgian Sheepdog. ( 10/9/91). Owner: Mary Sullivan

FOURTH PLACE - Ch. Vista's A Golden Finale, CD, PT, NA, NAD, CFF III, Belgian Sheepdog. (3/19/96). Owner: Kathleen La Due. / EARNED CFF IV TITLE

Also earning a CFF LEVEL IV TITLE - Imp Print’s Pollyanna, CFF III, Cairn Terrier. (6/5/95). Owner: C. Ann Priddy

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