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Pup N' Iron - Canine Fitness and Learning Center
21 Perchwood Drive, Unit 111
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Place Renee Filep and her Border Collie Radiant’s Chili Will Do CGC with
Janet McBrien and her Welsh Terrier Datawelsh Everlasting Cash JE, NA, NAJ


First Place and a NEW TITLE Verna Allanson and her German Shepard Breezy
Second Place Renee Filep and her Border Collie Chili Will Do, CGC
Third Place Nancy Sanders and her Belgian Sheepdog Signatures’ Chance CGC, HCT, TDI, RN, RLI

First Place and a NEW TITLE Sally Kirschenman and her Old English Sheepdog Ch Seathwaite’s Calamity Jane
Second Place Andrea Jones and her American Eskimo Dog Snostorm's Little Shaynanigans
Third Place Kathy McCoubrey and her Dalmatian U-Ch, U-CD Ravenwood Mnmntl Foreigh Rule CD, OA, NAJ, RE
Fourth Place Shari Bryant and her Whippet GraceGift Sky’s The Limit

First Place and a NEW TITLE Wendy Ely and her Belgian Tervuren Chateau Blanc’s Full Sail

First Place Janet McBrien and her Wellsh Terriers Ch Layna’s Hey Big Spender ME, CD, OA, AXJ, CG, CGC, CFFII and Ch Datawelsh Brightluck’s Bonus SE, NA, NAJ, RN

First Place and a NEW TITLE Joell Silverman and her Poodle Edgar Allen Poo
Second Place Brenda Clymire and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Busybee Harlequin’s Curlicue CFFII
Third Place Nan M Marks and her Labrador Retriever Sally
Fourth Place Susanna Pathak and her Rough Collie UACH, U-CD Jag-View Undeniably Dashing CD, OA, OAJ, TDI

First Place and a NEW TITLE Mary Sullivan and her Belgian Sheepdog Signature’s Carbon Copy CFFIII
Second Place Fay Taylor and her Manchester Terrier UCDX Mills’ Lady Elizabeth UD, CGC, TDI, CFF IV
Third Place Jeanine Brown and her Brittany Trapper CFFIII
Fourth Place Mary Jane Zarnowski and her Norwegian Elkhound Wil-mar’s Yankee Clipper CFFIII


Mary Sullivan and her Belgian Sheepdog Signature’s Carbon Copy CFFIII


Gaea Mitchel and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lewiswood Coppelia Fianna CFFII & CFFIIT
Julia Gregory and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi McLea’s Bashful Bomber CFFIIT & CFFIII
Maxine Rice and her Mixed Breed Charlie’s Echo CFFIIT

Download a printable PDF of the results Here!

Many thanks to the judges who traveled from Florida, Tennessee and Virginia to be with us and celebrate the dog. Also thank you to the many individuals who worked as scribes, ring stewards, tally scribes, or work on trophies, catalog preparation, scoring videoing and numerous other functions.

The show was followed by an outstanding workshop on music led by Jim Moore. Kristin Sicotte and Kay Richards. It was well attended and loads of good information was presented which will help all the participants improve on the use of music.


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